About the department

About the department

The Department of Medical Device Engineering was established at Al-Turath University College in the academic year 2020-2021. It awards a Bachelor of Engineering degree, recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The department attracts graduates from the preparatory study, both in the applied and biological branches, as well as graduates from technical institutes. It is equipped with modern and advanced classrooms and laboratories containing various medical and engineering laboratory devices, tools, and equipment, qualifying it to implement the prescribed curriculum. Continuous efforts are made to develop the department's capabilities in coordination with the college's deanship.


Qualifying distinguished engineering competencies scientifically, skillfully, and behaviorally in the field of Medical Equipment Technology, and keeping pace with equivalent departments in reputable international universities by providing community services through offering the latest academic programs to create an advanced academic environment.


Providing advanced scientific curricula, practical laboratories, and applied research to meet the needs of the job market and healthcare institutions, contributing to the improvement of the health sector locally and globally.


Graduating applied engineers well-versed in medical engineering applications and modern technology. Providing students with scientific and applied skills enabling them to diagnose faults in medical devices. Graduating students with the ability to understand various parts of medical devices and keep up with the advancements in their technologies.

College of Engineering Technology

Engineering of Medical Devices Technology

Department laboratories

• Electricity laboratory It aims to study the fundamentals of electrical engineering from a practical perspective.

• Calculator lab It aims to apply the subject of computer applications.

• Medical devices laboratory It aims to study and maintain various medical devices practically.

• Microprocessor laboratory It aims to study the applications of medical devices on the computer.

• Physics and Laser Laboratory It aims to study medical devices related to lasers and their properties.

• Electronics and measuring devices laboratory It aims to study electronic circuits and their various applications, as well as measurement devices used in medical fields.

• Digital lab It aims to study the logical circuits involved in the manufacturing of medical devices.

• Physiology laboratory It aims to study the physiological effects on the human body.

• Clinical chemistry laboratory It aims to study the techniques used in separating and analyzing samples extracted from the human body.

Department achievements

Internal department posts

The department organizes a series of seminars and workshops within the college by department faculty to convey information and scientific programs, aiming to enhance the students' level and educate all staff on computer methodologies.

Challenges and difficulties facing the department

The department addresses scientific challenges facing the educational process through discussions in the permanent scientific committee within the department. Additionally, it forms specialized subcommittees to examine the obstacles and find scientific solutions.

The department is twinned with public colleges and universities

Our department is associated with the Middle Technical University / College of Electrical Engineering / Baghdad in the Biomedical Engineering Technology department. Our academic staff collaborates, engages, and communicates with the staff of the Biomedical Engineering Technology department to study and share information, aiming to enhance the scientific and practical level of the students.