The Physical Education and Sports Sciences department takes a prominent position in the educational process at the academic level by continually developing renewed standards of quality. Through these standards, it aims to meet the needs of its students and faculty members, working on producing highly qualified graduates capable of facing the challenges of the job market. The department is dedicated to elevating the level of performance and education through collaborative efforts and a sense of responsibility.


The department strives to prepare high-quality outputs according to international standards for the purpose of competition and advancement in serving the community and the sports environment. This is achieved through continuous education programs and proficiency in both practical and theoretical aspects.


Preparing specialized and academically qualified teaching staff in both theoretical and practical aspects. Collaborating with other colleges and departments of physical education and sports sciences to contribute to the development of sports activities, including cooperation with entities such as the Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Youth, and sports federations. Contributing to the dissemination of sports culture concepts and serving the community. Training qualified coaching staff to train athletes in various specialties according to modern scientific principles. Developing a clear strategy to achieve prominent positions among local, Arab, and regional counterparts.