Establishment of the Department

The department of Business Administration was established in the first year of the establishment of the university back in January 12, 1988 to prepare qualified and trained graduates who participate in serving community by developing the qualities of administrative innovation and creating administrative future leaders in accordance with the need of the labor market.


The department aspires to establish the leadership and excellence among its peers of the local, Arab and international departments by offering high quality education and graduating distinguished specialists capable of facing the needs of the labor market.


Presenting specialists capable of innovation as well as the developing and analyzing of the internal and external work environment, moreover foreshadowing the surrounding current events in the work place and fulfill the needs of the society not to mention permanently and actively participating in achieving the social and economic development in Iraq and following the international standards to be distinguished in the fields of education, research and community services.


The goals include offering distinguished education that participates in preparing specialized and scientifically qualified human resources to provide the need of the administrative staff of the labor work, keeping up with the new scientific developments and the updates of administrative sciences as well as employing the new technologies and information technology in developing study curriculum in a way enriching the scientific aspect of the graduates and make them versed in modern administrative sciences. It also include stimulating scientific research and organizing lectures, courses, seminars and conferences related to the scientific process and scientific and cultural cooperating with related organizations and universities