Establishment of the Department

Heritage University was established in 1988.the accounting department was an independent department in its departments. since that date , the accounting department has achieved a major transformation in its scientific career in the most wonderful way through the achievement of scientific and developmental achievements and the provision of accounting departments in the college and in the corresponding colleges in Iraqi universities as well as technical colleges and technical institutes with academic cadres, as well as professionals in the government departments and the private sector through qualified bachelor, master and doctoral holders, as well as participation in many local and international conferences.


Towards educational programs and research activities in discrimination and upgrading to keep abreast of everything new in Accounting Science.

The message

Preparing and qualifying graduates with sufficient efficiency and effectiveness to work in accounting fields in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and seeking to develop faculty members in the department and achieve cooperation with all relevant local and international organizations, bodies and institutions


Designing and developing curricula and vocabulary of preliminary studies to ensure the preparation of teaching staff and meet the requirements of the labor market on the one hand and in line with international developments in the field of accounting on the other hand in accordance with accounting education standards and international accounting standards and auditing . Preparing accounting cadres of graduates academically and professionally and providing them with general and specialized knowledge in the field of accounting to benefit them in the financial and regulatory departments, state institutions, the public and private sector .